Get back up when you’re feeling down.


This is a letter to myself, but it works for everyody else aswell.

I always put a lot of pressure on myself. Concerning my school exams, my studies or my freetime-passion track and field – it has always been very important to me that I get out the perfect results in the end. I try to always achieve the goal of perfectionism. But to be true, this is a goal that can’t be achieved. You can always make something even better. But why should you? Why should you put that pressure on yourself, when you could just feel that relief of being just satisfied with what you did? It’s not that easy, I know. If you want to be the best you can be, you don’t want to stop when you don’t feel like you’ve reached that best version of yourself. That best version of yourself is a goal that can be achieved. But it’s just not possible to go beyond that. And as an ambitious person, you always think, you can push beyond that boundary. That you can be better if you just try hard enough. And then you fail. You fail once or twice or a million times. You’ll reach a point where you think, you’ve achieved nothing but instead, you’ve just lost the right measurement of your achievements. The truth is – I don’t know what the truth is. Or maybe I just don’t want to know it. For me, it is scary to know that there might be a boundary that I will never be able to push to where I want to. I want more. And I can get more – but more doesn’t mean that I an get it all. Set yourself some goals you might never achieve and you’ll fail one day after the other. Or set yourself ambitious goals that need some fight and tears – but are not as far away as a victory at the olympic games. The majority of us will never achieve that. But what about running a marathon and getting to the finish line? That can be achieved. Or getting back up after an injury and being able to walk again. There are boundaries for everyone and we are all able to push them. And when there is a time where you are feeling down, where you think you might never get back up again. Take your time to catch breath, and then move on.

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